About TAF Publishing

TAF Publishing is a scholarly press specializing primarily in scholarly journals, monographs, magazines, textbooks, edited books, and other books reflecting scholarship in the fields of medical and health sciences, technology and engineering research, applied and physical sciences, administrative and business studies, and multidisciplinary domains. TAF Publishing is part of TAF, a research and development organization, which serves the scholarly community across the globe. We seek to publish the very best research produced by the international academic community.

Vision, Mission, Objectives & Values

Vision: We inspire to develop humanity through our support to the global community of scholars.

Mission: To promote the creation and dissemination of new knowledge that strengthens our understanding of substantively important phenomenon across various disciplines and helps societies to prosper.

We believe in five core values

  • Participation and Equality
  • Preserving and promoting human rights in all spheres of life
  • Promoting Personal Rights of learning, growth and privacy
  • Compliance with higher standards of Research Ethics
  • Nurturing and promoting the positivity