TAF Payment

Subscription fee is payable by credit card, 2checkout, bank transfer, and Western Union. For more information about payment procedures, please contact at: contact@tafpublications.com.

Credit Card and 2checkout

Among the options of credit card and 2checkout account, paying fee through 2checkout is highly recommended. 2checkout is a secure payment service where users can use all popular credit cards, including Visa, Master card, American Express, and Discover, no matter you have a 2checkout account or not.

Privacy Policy and Refund Policy

TAF Publishing is responsible for keeping your personal information protected by all means. Order filling is the main reason for which your information is used. We discourage selling or redistributing of clients’ information to third parties at any cost.

The subscription fee is non-refundable as per TAF payment policy. In case the payment sent is more than required, extra amount will be refunded within 30 days after fee receipt. This refund, however, will be subject to transaction charges.

Note: Payment invoice should have the Paper ID explicitly mentioned and the scanned copy should be emailed at:info@tafpublications.com.