TAF Editing Services

TAF Publishing is now providing you English language, editing and proofread services. Make the process of preparing and submitting a manuscript easier with TAF Publishing editing services. When you are preparing your paper for publication, you want to focus on your own research paper and not the accuracy of written English. Therefore, do not let the language or formatting issues prevent your research from being published. With TAF publishing editing services, we would provide you editing and proofread services. We would also edit your paper providing suggestions to improve vocabulary and style.

1. English Language Editing

2. Translation Services

1. English Language Editing

TAF Publishing provides English language editing services. Every year thousand of papers are rejected because of the poor English language editing. With TAF publishing, language would not be a barrier in getting quality research published. We have hundred of specialist researchers ready to edit your paper. They all are native language English speakers, with minimum Masters level education.

2. Translation Services

TAF Publishing offers translation services from different languages into English as well as reverses translation. Our translators are experienced and all academics are with advance degrees that can provide accurate and quality translation.


Our prices are based on the types (type) of services you choose (; including) the length of your manuscript and how quickly you need your paper returned to you (how quickly you want your paper to be returned). You do not have to wait for us to get back to you. Simply use the form below to view our pricing and service options.

Word Count per Manuscript USDDays
500 75$2

Article Submission

Send Your Manuscript at: contact@tafpublications.com

Please note: You are required to mention the type of editing service you want and the number of words in your manuscript.

Payment Process

For Payment Please Send your Request at: contact@tafpublications.com

*This price is only for PhD thesis/ research report. For other documents containing more than 12000 words the prices would be different. For details please contact us.