Global Journal of Women Studies

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Key Title: Global Journal of Women Studies
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Publication Frequency : 2 issues per year
Editor : Dewi Indriani Jusuf
  • Global Journal of Women Studies is a semiannually peer-reviewed journal that publishes innovative research related to women empowerment and their entrepreneurial role in the society. The journal seeks to critique and tg existing knowledge, to examine and re-evaluate the manner in which knowledge is produced and distributed, and to assess the implications this has for women's lives. We seek contributions from people, individually or collectively, from different countries and different backgrounds, who are engaged in feminist research inside or outside formal educational institutions.

  • Information for Contributors

    All submissions should be made using a Word Processing file from which title page (including author name and affiliation and any acknowledgments or author notes) must be removed. After removing the author(s) details, go to the web sitehere and follow the directions. Each article usually has two part:
    i. Main Manuscript
    ii. Title Page not for Review
    The manuscript should include everything (i.e. Title, Abstract, Key Words, Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Results, Findings References, Tables and Graphs) except for the authors, names, affiliation, addresses, acknowledgements, and any other information that may be used to identify the author(s). All acknowledgements of others’ help in research should be included in the ‘Title Page not for Review’ that is featured as part of web-based submission process.

    Criteria for Publication

    To be published in GJWS, a manuscript must make strong theoretical and empirical contributions to the field of engineering and technology. Authors interested in publishing with GJWS should strive to produce original, interesting, valuable, insightful, and important research. The acceptance of article for publication in GJWS highly depends upon the originality, value, importance, and significance of your research. Submissions that do not offer strong theoretical or empirical contribution will not be reviewed.
    Each submitted manuscript would be assigned to action editor for evaluation. The action editor will decide whether to forward the manuscript to the reviewers. Typically, papers should be no longer than 40 double-spaced pages (using one-inch margins, left aligned, and Times New Roman 12-point font) including references, tables, figures, and appendixes.

    Submission Requirements

    Before submitting a manuscript to GJWS, the authors must make sure and confirm that
    i. Their manuscript has not already been published elsewhere, is not under review for publication elsewhere and will not be submitted to any other journal during the review period at GJWS. Articles presented and published in the proceedings of any academic conferences or workshops will be considered for publication in GJWS.
    ii. Their manuscript has not previously been submitted to GJWS for review.
    iii. The working papers or prior drafts of submitted manuscript that are posted on a website (e.g. Personal, Departmental, University, Organizational) or a database will be taken down during the review process.

    Peer Review Process and Time

    Global Journal of Women Studies (GJWS) operates a strictly anonymous peer-review process in which the reviewers’ names are withheld from the author(s) and, the authors’ name from the reviewer.

    Desk Review: On receiving a manuscript, the editor conducts a preliminary screening to assess the degree to which the manuscript fits the criteria in GJWS ‘Aims and Scope’. Submissions that fail to satisfy our criteria may be returned to the authors either as a desk reject or desk edit. In case of desk edit, the authors are asked to edit the manuscript and then resubmit.

    Review process: For each manuscript that passes the desk review, the editor assigns an action editor (either him- or herself or an associate editor or a guest editor) and two reviewers. The manuscript’s action editor sends the manuscript for review to two reviewers who are specialists in their fields. After receiving the reviewers’ comments on the manuscript, the action editor makes publication decisions about it. However, these decisions are made in conjunction with recommendations provided by the reviewers. All submission are blind reviewed; manuscripts prepared in a way that compromises blind review may be returned for revision prior to being submitted to the reviewers.

    Review Time: The journal strives to provide developmental and constructive feedback to authors within approximately five weeks. The peer-review process usually takes four weeks depending upon the manuscript size and availability of the editorial members. However, the initial quality of the manuscript can dramatically influence both the efficiency and effectiveness of review process. The better developed a manuscript and the ideas it contains, the easier it will be to review, and provide timely feedback to authors. We therefore encourage authors to ask scholarly colleagues to review their work prior to submission to the GJWS. The Guidelines for Reviewers can be viewed here. The submission made to the conferences organized by Taf Publishing generally do not go through peer-review process because the submission made to Taf Publishing conferences already go through a rigorous review process. For manuscripts already presented at Taf Publishing conferences, the action editor usually makes a decision for possible acceptance, rejection or revision.


    The in-text Citations, Tables, Figures/Images, References, and Appendixes. Manuscripts that do not commensurate with the formatting guidelines may be returned by the action editor to the authors for revision prior to submission to the full review process.
    All submission are required to be formatted according to the guidelines available here.

    Language Editing-Author Services

    For authors who are non-native English speakers writing in English as a second language, Taf Publishing offers language editing, or ‘polishing’ of academic papers, including manuscripts, journal articles, abstracts, and dissertations. Your manuscript will be checked for correct grammar, spelling, style, sentence structure, and readability. Improvement in the language of a manuscript enhances its chances of being accepted for publication. The charges for language editing are USD 5 per page. Alternatively the authors may want to use other professional proofreading services provided by other service providers such as EDITAGE

    Licensing information and permissions

    Requests for reproduction or translating individual articles should be sent to
    For reprint permission and licensing inquiries, please contact:

  • Global Journal of Women Studies is an international forum for the presentation of women’s roles in multiple fields like literature, history, art, sociology, law, political science, economics, business, etc. The Journal also promotes comparative and transnational methods and approaches to historical constructions of gender as they shape and are in turn shaped by women’s experiences. GJWS addresses key issues on gender studies in developing societies including the place of women in society and role of government policies to improve women’s lives in developing societies.
    This journal is the official journal of International Women University published by TAF publishing that provides a forum for the publication of original contributions about all aspects of “Women”.

  • Editor

    Dewi Indriani Jusuf

  • Global Journal of Women Studies (GJWS) is abstracted and indexed in the following:

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  • Volume 1, issue 1 2017

    published online: 2017

    Editor Message

    Pr. Boufeldja GHIAT

    Published online: 2017

    Abstract| Full Article (PDF)

    Smyrilli Christiana, McRobie Allan

    Published online: 2017

    Abstract| Full Article (PDF)

    Fang-Suey Lin, Lu-Zhen Xu, Yi-Tung Liu

    Published online: 2017

    Abstract| Full Article (PDF)

    Siti Marshita Binti Mahyut, Guru Dhillon

    Published online: 2017

    Abstract| Full Article (PDF)
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