Editors hold the following responsibilities:

  • All the steps involved in evaluation should be strictly adhered to so that the eminence of the research can be maintained. Any decision concerning the acceptance, rejection, major and minor revision of any paper should be made on the basis of the standard quality guidelines of the respective journal.
  • When any paper is being submitted, author should guarantee the authorities that the paper has not been submitted for getting published in any other journal. On the same lines, Editor is also not allowed to submit the work under review with any other person or institution except with the consent of the corresponding author, reviewers, potential reviewers, other editorial advisers and the publisher.
  • The sole criterion of evaluation should be the eminence of research used in the paper and should not be biased in any sense.

Reviewers need to fulfill the following duties:

  • The effective blinded peer review process facilitates the editors to improve the paper quality and take accurate decisions regarding every submission
  • It is important that all the submissions considered for peer review should be taken as the secret essays and editor needs to keep them confidential throughout the process.
  • If the concerned reviewer is not able to review the manuscript within the given deadline, it should be brought to the editor’s knowledge. Even if the reviewer does not have the skills and expertise for manuscript review, it should be duly informed to the editor.
  • The reviewer should check for the fact that the works cited in the paper are actually backed by the corresponding research works. It is the duty of the reviewer to make sure that the materials given in the article are backed by authentic citations and should make out any work not considered by the author. If reviewer doubts the submitted manuscript to be plagiarized, then he/she must apprise the editor of this information.
  • Author should not be targeted with personal critique. Referees should support the author’s efforts through their comments.

Authors should be aware of the following facts:

  • The manuscripts that are found to be plagiarized above the minimum tolerable level will be rejected before entering into the review phase. The concerned personnel should reconfirm the manuscript’s originality by meticulously checking the document for any trace of plagiarism.
  • Author should guarantee that the submitted manuscript is not being considered for publication in any other journal. It will be considered against ethics if any manuscript is found to be under review with more than one journal.
  • Authors should explicitly mention the reactions of the chemicals, procedures or equipment utilized in the research if any.
  • Only the real contributor of the paper can claim to be the owner of the manuscript submitted. Authors’ names should be stated according to their contributions in the paper. Author should only add the names of those people who were actually involved in bringing together of the corresponding manuscript.