TAF Privacy Policy

TAF publishing collects the following information from the users

  • Contact information, like user’s name, email address, country zip code, telephone numbers;
  • Educational and professional affiliation;
  • Your feedback comments and posts which you want to share with the publisher;

In case of access towards additional contents users will be required to provide us some further information and user will be provided a specific account with secret password. For this user will have to apply for registration through online registration form.

Use of Your Information

Your provided information can be used:

  • While delivering information to users regarding products or services, participation in surveys;
  • Clearing requests, inquiries or comments;
  • Extending the help regarding technical issues, product and services, and also all other assistant required for keeping the system;
  • Offer you customized content and individualized personalization of the service to make it more relevant to your interests and needs;
  • To keep you update regarding new innovation in our product and services, promotional adds, your opinion about our product and services and new product development;
  • To notify you about changes in our product and services and policies.
  • To notify you regarding special subscription offer if it is offered

Data Security

TAF publishing extends you all possible security to keep secret your personal information form misuse, alteration, loss, hackers and unauthorized use of your personal data.

Passing on Data to Third Parties

We transfer data to third party on the basis of contractual agreement, if we are abiding by the law of particular country to share data, if it is necessary under particular circumstances or any other reason which is necessary to keep the publisher in running position. We only pass on personal data to a third party to the extent necessary to fulfill our contractual relationship (if at all), if we are bound by law or if it should be necessary in order to implement our general terms and conditions of business or any other agreements concluded with you, or in order to enforce our rights and claims.


In case of any query or information about the privacy policy or the way we are processing your information please contact on: contact@tafpublications.com

Disclosure, Rectification, Deletion, Account Freezing

Users of our product and services have to send us request regarding amendments or deletion of their personal information at any time after that the concerned request will be evaluated whether to accommodate or not. However, some data which is mandatory in performance of our open tasks or necessary for implementation of rights do not come under above favor and the data which we are abiding by law to keep save is also exempted from above favor.